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Simple and Intuitive Design

MSJD is easy to use, enabling you to save your home Masjid. Swipe to find your closest Masjid's!

Jummah Times Included

Jummah times updated monthly for both regular Masjid's and Jummah only places of worship.

Ramadan and Fasting timetables included

2020 Ramadan timetables will be uploaded in April with Sehri (Suhoor) and Taraweeh timings.

Prayer and Jamaat Times Updated Monthly

Prayer and Congregational prayer times are updated monthly and collected directly from the individual Masjids.

21 Masjid's enrolled and counting ...

14 Masjids currently enrolled in Slough and it's surrounding areas. More to come as we expand into London! 

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MSJD is completely free to use and to enrol and as a user does not require any registration!

21 Masjids currently enrolled and more ...

14 Masjids currently enrolled in Slough and the surrounding areas. We're expanding into London and you can help us by submitting timetables via the app!

Hounslow Jamia Masjid

Croydon Masjid and Islamic Centre

Jame Masjid Ghasuia Slough (Diamond Rd)

Stoke Poges Masjid Slough (JMIC)

Masjid Al-Jannah Slough

Reading Islamic Centre

Maidenhead Mosque (Al-Nur)

Al-Hira Education Centre Slough

Heathrow Jamia Masjid

Faizan-e-Madina Masjid Slough

Ujala Foundation

With Jummah only places also included

We've included Jummah only locations into the app. Please help us expand by sending us the timetables directly via the MSJD app!

View Jummah times at your closest Masjid or Friday only place of worship

We've included Friday only places of worships like hired community halls, ISOC hosted Jummah prayer etc.

Easily find directions to your local Masjid

Easy to click link which enables you to choose your most preferred method of transport (e.g. Google Maps, Uber, Waze etc.). An interactive map to help plan your journey.

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Built in United Kingdom

Both co-founders located in West London keen to make an impact.